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Towns in Australia

Sorry I had to remove some of the Australia fields as websites scrappers are harvesting my site, lazy people that would rather leech off others hard work.

Town NameTypeMunicipalityProvincePopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Abbot Point townremovedremoved148.079025 Map 
Aberdeen townremovedremoved150.894623 Map 
Acacia Hills townremovedremoved131.149628 Map 
Adavale townremovedremoved144.597702 Map 
Adelaide cityremovedremoved138.599930 Map 
Adelong townremovedremoved148.063141 Map 
Adventure Bay townremovedremoved147.329102 Map 
Agnes Water townremovedremoved151.903015 Map 
Aireys Inlet villageremovedremoved144.106750 Map 
Airlie Beach townremovedremoved148.718170 Map 
Albany townremovedremoved117.883606 Map 
Alberton villageremovedremoved146.665848 Map 
Albion Park townremovedremoved150.775238 Map 
Albury cityremovedremoved146.916275 Map 
Alexandra townremovedremoved145.710770 Map 
Ali Curung villageremovedremoved134.405975 Map 
Alice Springs cityremovedremoved133.881287 Map 
Allansford townremovedremoved142.600159 Map 
Allora townremovedremoved151.983261 Map 
Alpha townremovedremoved146.637589 Map 
Alpurrurulam townremovedremoved137.848740 Map 
Alstonville townremovedremoved153.440582 Map 
Alyangula townremovedremoved136.419907 Map 
Amamoor townremovedremoved152.674683 Map 
Amoonguna townremovedremoved133.937057 Map 

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