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Towns in France Beginning with M

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Monts village696247.2780000.648924 Map 
Montsoult village339649.0697022.317139 Map 
Montsûrs village210048.134300-0.552218 Map 
Montville village473649.5479851.075095 Map 
Morainvilliers village239948.9274751.941689 Map 
Morancé village207545.8977174.700305 Map 
Morangis town1213648.7022972.336760 Map 
Morbecque village265850.6908952.517676 Map 
Morbier village225546.5616006.030874 Map 
Morcenx village457344.032303-0.911374 Map 
Mordelles village718048.081406-1.850216 Map 
Moréac village378347.932499-2.800200 Map 
Morestel village420145.6756745.471103 Map 
Moret-sur-Loing village433048.3731542.816327 Map 
Moreuil village402549.7705462.486822 Map 
Morez village515446.5203296.023549 Map 
Morhange village377248.9234096.645470 Map 
Morières-lès-Avignon village767643.9409644.904277 Map 
Morigny-Champigny village434648.4461332.181413 Map 
Morlaàs village416543.345440-0.264945 Map 
Morlaix town1542148.582493-3.833197 Map 
Mormant village438748.6069762.884852 Map 
Mornant town551445.6178744.670311 Map 
Mornas village230544.2011304.728396 Map 
Morsang-sur-Orge town2094448.6641432.352773 Map 

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