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Towns in Germany

Table of towns in Germany

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Bad Bergzabern town801149.1028067.999127 Map 
Bad Berka town774150.90036411.282709 Map 
Bad Berleburg town2079451.0478488.391776 Map 
Bad Berneck town471950.04288911.667829 Map 
Bad Bevensen town885253.08094010.574481 Map 
Bad Bibra town217751.20646711.583581 Map 
Bad Birnbach village558348.44314213.089382 Map 
Bad Blankenburg town632250.68299511.272633 Map 
Bad Bocklet village455550.26750610.078704 Map 
Bad Bodenteich town402552.83357210.682313 Map 
Bad Boll town524248.6386609.614167 Map 
Bad Brambach town236850.22436912.313009 Map 
Bad Bramstedt town1334253.9166989.883330 Map 
Bad Breisig town902450.5092897.298057 Map 
Bad Brückenau town721750.3099179.789494 Map 
Bad Buchau town407048.0641759.610666 Map 
Bad Camberg town1430250.2996038.267312 Map 
Bad Colberg-Heldburg town235050.28089110.744827 Map 
Bad Ditzenbach village375548.5874949.703285 Map 
Bad Doberan town1144654.10585811.902606 Map 
Bad Driburg town1964351.7366459.017501 Map 
Bad Düben town906551.59116412.585643 Map 
Bad Dürkheim town1883049.4632958.170506 Map 
Bad Dürrenberg town1153451.30000312.066698 Map 
Bad Dürrheim town1267448.0222328.529984 Map