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Towns in Germany

Table of towns in Germany

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Bad Kleinen village378053.76963811.473956 Map 
Bad Klosterlausnitz village359850.91626411.868170 Map 
Bad Kohlgrub town244047.66807211.051788 Map 
Bad Kreuznach town4375749.8431637.865766 Map 
Bad Krozingen town1727047.9154287.701645 Map 
Bad Königshofen town704350.30195210.469355 Map 
Bad Köstritz village370050.93011912.011416 Map 
Bad Kötzting town738049.17582312.852935 Map 
Bad Laasphe town1534750.9271558.412365 Map 
Bad Laer village925152.1014148.086517 Map 
Bad Langensalza town1986151.10822710.646445 Map 
Bad Lauchstädt town493351.38475011.860519 Map 
Bad Lausick town903151.14423412.641582 Map 
Bad Lauterberg town1202351.62835310.467288 Map 
Bad Liebenstein town797150.81459810.350617 Map 
Bad Liebenwerda town1106851.51590013.391867 Map 
Bad Liebenzell town951948.7712718.732128 Map 
Bad Lippspringe town1492251.7832988.816670 Map 
Bad Lobenstein town713250.44753311.639897 Map 
Bad Malente-Gremsmühlen town1087754.17078410.559312 Map 
Bad Marienberg town587750.6504177.951225 Map 
Bad Mergentheim town2244649.4905329.773069 Map 
Bad Muskau town403551.54700514.721515 Map 
Bad Münder town1881352.1946919.461883 Map 
Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg town383549.8085597.844503 Map