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Towns in Great Britain Beginning with E

Table of towns in Great Britain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Ealing town11377751.512653-0.305195 Map 
Earlston town175055.638165-2.676903 Map 
Earswick village81954.008106-1.054854 Map 
East Bridgford village400052.981289-0.968394 Map 
East Cowes town616650.759483-1.285211 Map 
East Hagbourne village188251.593201-1.238105 Map 
East Ham town7618651.5329630.055320 Map 
East Linton village177455.986259-2.655813 Map 
Eastry village197351.2471851.307598 Map 
Ebbw Vale town1809551.781292-3.208438 Map 
Eddleston village33555.712017-3.206646 Map 
Edinburgh city48805055.949642-3.190235 Map 
Edington village73451.153934-2.877539 Map 
Edzell village85056.809666-2.655543 Map 
Edzell Woods village34656.815315-2.622270 Map 
Eggborough village157853.704708-1.153150 Map 
Elgin town2312857.648788-3.314846 Map 
Elie and Earlsferry town86156.190212-2.826570 Map 
Ellington village234955.221107-1.567644 Map 
Ellon town970057.363525-2.069606 Map 
Elsworth village63052.255131-0.071036 Map 
Elvington village121253.920765-0.936807 Map 
Ely city1510252.3998370.263095 Map 
Enmore village25351.108269-3.083106 Map 
Ermington village90050.361679-3.916918 Map