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Towns in Great Britain Beginning with K

Table of towns in Great Britain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Keith town473457.542912-2.952450 Map 
Kelso town561055.598377-2.433837 Map 
Kelty town600056.133198-3.379782 Map 
Kempston town2000052.119202-0.493015 Map 
Kemsley village163951.3634720.739047 Map 
Kendal town2750054.327263-2.748299 Map 
Kennoway village200056.211487-3.049100 Map 
Kensington town6468151.498997-0.199123 Map 
Kidlington village1370051.823463-1.288532 Map 
Kilbirnie town764255.755421-4.686245 Map 
Kilburn town1698951.541882-0.197936 Map 
Kilmarnock town4500055.610130-4.498536 Map 
Kilve village39751.178848-3.218733 Map 
Kincardine town303556.069141-3.717061 Map 
Kinghorn town293056.070736-3.174228 Map 
Kingsdon village33051.032955-2.689109 Map 
Kingsdown village196451.1868401.402737 Map 
Kingseat village66857.262348-2.160946 Map 
Kingston village21452.179188-0.032148 Map 
Kingston on Spey village20857.674618-3.112729 Map 
Kingston Seymour village38851.397697-2.860575 Map 
Kingston St Mary village88851.060379-3.111264 Map 
Kingston upon Thames town4301351.409626-0.306262 Map 
Kington town300052.202915-3.028878 Map 
Kingussie town148057.080330-4.051086 Map