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Towns in Norway Beginning with Ø

Table of towns in Norway

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Øksendal village[?]62.7184078.430574 Map 
Øksfjord village[?]70.23880022.349911 Map 
Ølen village[?]59.6054885.808330 Map 
Ølve village[?]59.9938895.784987 Map 
Ørje village[?]59.48059111.657047 Map 
Ørnes village166066.87054413.709072 Map 
Ørnvik village[?]63.0859727.888882 Map 
Ørsta village[?]62.2023286.128953 Map 
Øverengsmoen village[?]61.58417110.998016 Map 
Øvre Årdal village[?]61.3100437.803979 Map 
Øye village[?]62.9827968.717386 Map 
Øyer village[?]61.26470210.413530 Map 
Øyfjell village[?]59.5733538.186915 Map 
Øystese village[?]60.3857576.198965 Map