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Towns in Norway Beginning with J

Table of towns in Norway

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Jaren village[?]60.39363510.559879 Map 
Jelsa village[?]59.3405576.028868 Map 
Jendem village[?]62.7854617.011937 Map 
Jessheim town1463260.14458811.172460 Map 
Jevnaker village[?]60.24108510.385012 Map 
Jomås village[?]58.5971958.625710 Map 
Jondal villageHardanger[?]60.2762576.252989 Map 
Judaberg village[?]59.1713915.873823 Map 
Junkerdal village20066.80405415.574696 Map 
Justnes village[?]68.09983113.246198 Map 
Jønsrud village[?]60.87087211.371245 Map 
Jørpeland town1056659.0166666.050000 Map 
Jøvika village[?]69.60131119.871597 Map