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Towns in Norway Beginning with T

Table of towns in Norway

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Tafjord village[?]62.2326137.416433 Map 
Talvik village[?]70.04262522.951708 Map 
Tana Bru village[?]70.20072228.177874 Map 
Tanem village[?]63.30783110.431917 Map 
Tangen village[?]60.61660411.265611 Map 
Tangvall village842558.0954677.813053 Map 
Tau village[?]59.0628745.925126 Map 
Telavåg village[?]60.2609024.980407 Map 
Tennevoll village[?]68.74658217.807096 Map 
Terråk village[?]65.08761612.371470 Map 
Tind village[?]67.88493312.998734 Map 
Tinden village[?]68.84162114.754446 Map 
Tingnes village[?]60.76270710.940860 Map 
Tingvoll village[?]62.9101568.205597 Map 
Tinnes village[?]59.5629359.241701 Map 
Titran village[?]63.6688238.307009 Map 
Tjeldnes village[?]68.42457616.111282 Map 
Tjelta village[?]58.8421025.598719 Map 
Tjøllingvollen village[?]59.05432510.122962 Map 
Tjørvåg village[?]62.2843895.728929 Map 
Tjørvågane village[?]62.2885405.730989 Map 
Toa village[?]68.28949014.323170 Map 
Todalen village[?]62.8196418.703281 Map 
Toft village[?]65.46973412.134851 Map 
Tofte village[?]59.54252210.560453 Map 

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