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Towns in Norway Beginning with U

Table of towns in Norway

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Ubergsmoen village[?]58.6802988.821766 Map 
Uggdal village[?]59.9973835.495586 Map 
Ula village[?]59.02606610.183848 Map 
Ulefoss village[?]59.2850889.263603 Map 
Ullensvang village[?]60.3243226.659573 Map 
Ulsteinvik village[?]62.3461955.854322 Map 
Ulven village[?]60.2052045.448708 Map 
Ulveset village[?]60.3274195.038622 Map 
Ulvik village[?]60.5676966.916392 Map 
Ulvsvåg village[?]68.11563115.865584 Map 
Undheim village[?]58.6863025.766503 Map 
Unset village[?]61.96812811.100828 Map 
Ure village[?]68.09494013.725558 Map 
Ustaoset village[?]60.4996878.040397 Map 
Utbjoa village[?]59.6775405.609907 Map 
Uthaug village[?]63.7253809.594857 Map 
Utvorda village[?]64.59449010.956162 Map 
Utåker village[?]59.7841075.903458 Map 
Utøy village[?]63.86422311.161635 Map