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Towns in Portugal Beginning with P

Table of towns in Portugal

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Paúl do Mar village88532.754776-17.227238 Map 
Ponta Delgada village136332.828205-16.987450 Map 
Ponta do Pargo village114532.813023-17.247999 Map 
Ponta do Sol town422432.681068-17.104073 Map 
Ponte de Lima town280041.767502-8.583099 Map 
Portalegre city2493039.291126-7.433342 Map 
Portimão town4543137.137142-8.537498 Map 
Porto city23750041.148247-8.611023 Map 
Porto da Cruz village259732.772507-16.828604 Map 
Porto Moniz town170032.866966-17.166634 Map 
Prazeres village70432.756836-17.201166 Map