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Towns in Spain

Sorry I had to remove some of the Spain fields as websites scrappers are harvesting my site, lazy people that would rather leech off others hard work.

Town NameTypeMunicipalityProvincePopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Ayamonte townremovedremoved-7.403124 Map 
Ayegui/Aiegi villageremovedremoved-2.037056 Map 
Ayerbe villageremovedremoved-0.687697 Map 
Ayllón villageremovedremoved-3.376214 Map 
Ayora villageremovedremoved-1.057162 Map 
Azagra villageremovedremoved-1.894382 Map 
Azkoitia townGipuzkoaremovedremoved-2.311499 Map 
Aznalcázar villageSevillaremovedremoved-6.250892 Map 
Aznalcóllar villageremovedremoved-6.271644 Map 
Azpeitia townGipuzkoaremovedremoved-2.265742 Map 
Azuaga villageBadajozremovedremoved-5.676859 Map 
Azuqueca de Henares townremovedremoved-3.262158 Map 
Badajoz cityremovedremoved-6.970157 Map 
Badalona townremovedremoved2.248254 Map 
Badia del Valles townremovedremoved2.115677 Map 
Badia del Vallès villageremovedremoved2.114655 Map 
Badolatosa villageremovedremoved-4.672901 Map 
Baena townremovedremoved-4.324371 Map 
Baeza townremovedremoved-3.470816 Map 
Bagà townremovedremoved1.862590 Map 
Bailén townremovedremoved-3.776560 Map 
Baiona townremovedremoved-8.851029 Map 
Balaguer townremovedremoved0.805491 Map 
Balanegra villageremovedremoved-2.910504 Map 
Balazote townremovedremoved-2.152517 Map 

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