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Towns in Spain

Table of towns in Spain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Priego village112440.448761-2.313508 Map 
Priego de Córdoba town1940337.438431-4.198042 Map 
Pruna village289236.972408-5.221357 Map 
Puçol town1584939.617222-0.302827 Map 
Puebla de Alcocer villageExtremaduraBadajoz126138.985458-5.255625 Map 
Puebla de Don Fadrique village241537.959908-2.436940 Map 
Puebla de Guzmán village277737.613098-7.247525 Map 
Puebla de la Calzada villageExtremaduraBadajoz596338.893600-6.626171 Map 
Puebla de Obando village194539.177639-6.628640 Map 
Puebla de Sanabria village133242.054623-6.634209 Map 
Puebla de Sancho Pérez villageExtremaduraBadajoz288438.395958-6.399214 Map 
Pueblonuevo del Guadiana villageExtremaduraBadajoz204738.923840-6.756221 Map 
Puente de Génave village204138.354565-2.803195 Map 
Puente Genil town2780437.387394-4.771624 Map 
Puente La Reina/Gares village286742.671711-1.815529 Map 
Puente San Miguel villageCantabriaCantabria320143.359886-4.087565 Map 
Puerto Lápice village102239.324360-3.481708 Map 
Puerto Lope village127037.335655-3.832058 Map 
Puerto Lumbreras town1095137.563454-1.807212 Map 
Puerto Real town4018336.528687-6.190216 Map 
Puerto Serrano village711536.921333-5.542067 Map 
Puertollano townCastilla-La ManchaCiudad Real5206438.685215-4.111175 Map 
Puig-reig village360441.9740221.878868 Map 
Puigcerdà town702042.4317971.927869 Map 
Puigpunyent village153939.6273162.528306 Map