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Towns in Spain

Table of towns in Spain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Rocafort town674839.530056-0.410938 Map 
Rociana del Condado villageAndalucíaHuelva736237.308220-6.597892 Map 
Roda de Berà village314441.1887251.460943 Map 
Roda de Ter town578341.9814152.309676 Map 
Rojales town2095338.087173-0.722821 Map 
Ronda town3570936.742134-5.166592 Map 
Roquetas de Mar town4378236.763020-2.611589 Map 
Roquetes village635040.8203660.503430 Map 
Rosal de la Frontera village191137.968498-7.219616 Map 
Rosalejo village131139.993378-5.456774 Map 
Roses town1099442.2632033.175533 Map 
Rossell village110440.6182710.221402 Map 
Rosselló village275241.6957700.596088 Map 
Rota town2791836.622864-6.359960 Map 
Rotglà i Corberà village119039.004070-0.564129 Map 
Rótova village130738.932552-0.258097 Map 
Rueda village126841.412979-4.959753 Map 
Rus village358238.047672-3.461804 Map 
Rute town890037.325264-4.370238 Map 
Sa Pobla townIlles BalearsIlles Balears1283139.7699393.025010 Map 
Sabadell city20772141.5464212.108794 Map 
Sabiñánigo town935542.518581-0.364336 Map 
Sabiote village427938.068901-3.311411 Map 
Sacedón village170240.481087-2.732881 Map 
Sádaba village150542.282074-1.271777 Map