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Towns in Spain

Table of towns in Spain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Viana de Cega village196241.528740-4.752070 Map 
Viana do Bolo village145342.180222-7.112242 Map 
Viator village470536.888729-2.425125 Map 
Vic townCatalunyaBarcelona3874741.9292412.254865 Map 
Vidreres village264341.7887882.780191 Map 
Vielha village360142.7017560.795474 Map 
Vigo city29733242.237659-8.724721 Map 
Vila de Cruces town135242.794373-8.169434 Map 
Vila-real town5055239.936897-0.101028 Map 
Vila-rodona village125541.3108791.357810 Map 
Vila-seca townTarragona1727441.1091541.146488 Map 
Vilablareix village213441.9569402.772844 Map 
Viladecavalls village187841.5563961.955317 Map 
Vilafamés village196440.112610-0.054118 Map 
Vilafant village125242.2515262.941801 Map 
Vilafranca de Bonany villageIlles BalearsIlles Balears298939.5703093.088998 Map 
Vilafranca del Penedès town3586441.3463821.699521 Map 
Vilagarcía town1954842.594765-8.766918 Map 
Vilalba town594243.296272-7.678610 Map 
Vilallonga / Villalonga village433138.885330-0.206600 Map 
Vilallonga del Camp village200041.2080151.207471 Map 
Vilamarxant village912939.568073-0.622753 Map 
Vilanova de Arousa town209342.562740-8.827461 Map 
Vilanova de Bellpuig village119441.6128540.963174 Map 
Vilanova de la Barca village123541.6895560.728879 Map