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Towns in Spain Beginning with B

Table of towns in Spain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Badalona town22088841.4493522.248254 Map 
Badia del Vallès village1370341.5077402.114655 Map 
Badolatosa village260837.308487-4.672901 Map 
Baena town1887337.617302-4.324371 Map 
Baeza town1551937.994518-3.470816 Map 
Bagà town236142.2527661.862590 Map 
Bailén town1876338.096786-3.776560 Map 
Baiona town301442.119709-8.851029 Map 
Balaguer town1400041.7897190.805491 Map 
Balanegra village284336.749157-2.910504 Map 
Balazote town244838.885040-2.152517 Map 
Balerma village452236.729473-2.887238 Map 
Balmaseda village731243.194111-3.194671 Map 
Balsareny town306641.8631861.875600 Map 
Baltanás village127341.936653-4.246769 Map 
Baños de la Encina village260738.173611-3.773884 Map 
Baños de Río Tobía village172742.334827-2.761231 Map 
Banyeres de Mariola village722938.716011-0.656891 Map 
Banyeres del Penedès village167141.2791521.581332 Map 
Banyoles town1857642.1179622.765208 Map 
Barakaldo city9891743.297157-2.986040 Map 
Barañáin town2170542.804832-1.681020 Map 
Barbastro town1700442.0352900.127388 Map 
Barbate town1999636.189968-5.920097 Map 
Barberà del Vallès town3203341.5172542.126594 Map