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Towns in Spain Beginning with O

Table of towns in Spain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
O Barco town1146942.416191-6.983967 Map 
O Campo da Feira village127343.189964-8.472196 Map 
O Carballiño town1106242.430084-8.078119 Map 
O Grove town740342.495300-8.864090 Map 
O Porriño town565642.161880-8.620268 Map 
O Rosal town653141.936993-8.837036 Map 
O Seixo village111441.992359-8.742965 Map 
Ocaña townCastilla-La ManchaToledo1009839.958561-3.499924 Map 
Òdena village152441.6068801.642221 Map 
Ogíjares town1340337.118813-3.609129 Map 
Ojén village294936.563850-4.855721 Map 
Olakueta villageEuskadiBizkaia406643.169666-2.575329 Map 
Olesa de Montserrat town2364641.5430531.893187 Map 
Oliana village184342.0671621.314942 Map 
Olías del Rey villageCastilla-La ManchaToledo717539.944736-3.987252 Map 
Olite village372242.481083-1.651575 Map 
Oliva town2372638.920200-0.120974 Map 
Oliva de la Frontera villageExtremaduraBadajoz557338.276699-6.918071 Map 
Oliva de Mérida village184438.789951-6.124346 Map 
Olivares village953437.416710-6.156429 Map 
Olivares village103837.331921-3.765099 Map 
Olivenza townExtremaduraBadajoz1200838.684475-7.100566 Map 
Olmedo village388541.287098-4.686690 Map 
Olocau town148239.700676-0.531206 Map 
Olost village103741.9852942.094162 Map