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Towns in Spain Beginning with S

Table of towns in Spain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Sa Pobla townIlles BalearsIlles Balears1283139.7699393.025010 Map 
Sabadell city20772141.5464212.108794 Map 
Sabiñánigo town935542.518581-0.364336 Map 
Sabiote village427938.068901-3.311411 Map 
Sacedón village170240.481087-2.732881 Map 
Sádaba village150542.282074-1.271777 Map 
Sagunt town1916139.679173-0.277415 Map 
Sahagún village238042.371902-5.031314 Map 
Salamanca city15592140.965157-5.664018 Map 
Salar village283137.149780-4.068536 Map 
Salas town159743.408211-6.256857 Map 
Salas de los Infantes village208642.021942-3.287984 Map 
Saldaña village258942.522713-4.736439 Map 
Salinas village154938.519756-0.913229 Map 
Sallent town642541.8259091.894876 Map 
Salobreña town946636.736626-3.588306 Map 
Salou townTarragona2701641.0768201.144041 Map 
Salt town3030441.9741672.794989 Map 
Salteras village516037.418877-6.110913 Map 
Salvaleón village203938.508255-6.786277 Map 
Salvaleón village203938.510296-6.786706 Map 
Salvatierra de los Barros village177238.490673-6.684407 Map 
Samartín del Rei Aurelio/San Martín del Rey Aurelio townPrincipado de AsturiAsturias1854943.275429-5.604662 Map 
San Adrián village629342.332806-1.933669 Map 
San Agustín del Guadalix townComunidad de MadridMadrid1132240.679050-3.616600 Map