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Michigan Outline Map


Total size sq mi : 96,714 (250,487 sq km)
Land sq mi: 56,539 (146,435 sq km)
Water sq mi: 40,175 (104,052 sq km)
Inland sq mi: 2,001 (5,182 sq km)
Costal sq mi: 0 (0 sq km)
Great Lakes sq mi: 38,174 (98,870 sq km)
Number of Bordering states: 5
Bordering states: Ohio :: Illinois :: Indiana :: Wisconsin :: Minnesota :
Note: Wisconsin and Minnesota borders shared through Lake Superior

Blank and Outline Maps of Michigan

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Outline Map of the US State of Michigan (1080p)

Free Outline Map of the US State of Michigan

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Blank Map of the State of Michigan in 1080p
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