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I also have vector outline maps of India available in .pdf, .svg, and .eps although I have not put these vector maps online as yet but you are welcome to contact me through the contact form and I will send them to you.

These outline maps cannot be displayed on any other website, they can only be used as a base for whatever project you wish to use them for be it a YouTube video, school project, print on a t-shirt etc.

The maps are in two formats WGS 84 and Web Mercator. Some of them are 1080x720 so they are all ready to use in a YouTube video.

If your school / university etc project requires you to acknowledge the source then you can use http://www.freecountrymaps.com/map/country/india-map-in/outline-maps/.

India Map Outline


Land Border Lenght in Km: 14209
Land Border Lenght in Mi: 8829

Coastline Lenght in Km: 7000
Coastline Lenght in Mi: 4350

Neighboring Countries (Border Lenght): Afghanistan: 106 km (66 mi) disputed territory also claimed by Pakistan Bangladesh including Dahagram-Angarpota: 4053 km (2518 mi) Bhutan: 605 km (376 mi) China (3): 3380 km (2100 mi) Myanmar: 1463 km (909 mi) Nepal: 1690 km (1050 mi) Pakistan: 2912 km
Number of Borders: 12
Number of Bordering Countries: 8
Bordering Countries: : Bangladesh :: Bhutan :: Myanmar [Burma] :: China :: Nepal :: Pakistan :

WGS Outline Maps of India

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Outline Map of India

Web Mercator Outline Map of India

India Outline Map : Mercator

Log in or Sign up to download the outline vector maps of India, I have them in .eps, .pdf, and .svg vector file format. Contact me if you need this outline map of India in anyother file format or if you notice any mistakes with this map of India.

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