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I will be making maps (basic, road and outline maps) of all the countries listed below. Please note the population statisics provided here may be dated and should be taken as a guide only.

Country NameFlagCapitalContinentArea Size(km)PopulationMaps
Afghanistan   KabulAsia647500.029121286  Road Map    
Åland   MariehamnEurope1580.026711  Road Map    
Albania   TiranaEurope28748.02986952  Road Map    Town Maps  
Algeria   AlgiersAfrica2381740.034586184  Road Map    
American Samoa   Pago PagoOceania199.057881  Road Map    
Andorra   Andorra la VellaEurope468.084000  Road Map    
Angola   LuandaAfrica1246700.013068161  Road Map    
Anguilla   The ValleyNorth America102.013254  Road Map    
Antarctica    Antarctica14245000[?]    
Antigua and Barbuda   St. John'sNorth America443.086754  Road Map    
Argentina   Buenos AiresSouth America2766890.041343201  Road Map    
Armenia   YerevanAsia29800.02968000  Road Map    
Aruba   OranjestadNorth America193.071566  Road Map    
Australia   CanberraOceania7686850.021515754  Road Map    Town Maps  
Austria   ViennaEurope83858.08205000  Road Map    
Azerbaijan   BakuAsia86600.08303512  Road Map    
Bahamas   NassauNorth America13940.0301790  Road Map    
Bahrain   ManamaAsia665.0738004  Road Map    
Bangladesh   DhakaAsia144000.0156118464  Road Map    
Barbados   BridgetownNorth America431.0285653  Road Map    
Belarus   MinskEurope207600.09685000  Road Map    
Belgium   BrusselsEurope30510.010403000  Road Map    
Belize   BelmopanNorth America22966.0314522  Road Map    
Benin   Porto-NovoAfrica112620.09056010  Road Map    
Bermuda   HamiltonNorth America53.065365  Road Map    
Bhutan   ThimphuAsia47000.0699847  Road Map    
Bolivia   SucreSouth America1098580.09947418  Road Map    
Bonaire   KralendijkNorth America328.018012  Road Map    
Bosnia and Herzegovina   SarajevoEurope51129.04590000  Road Map    
Botswana   GaboroneAfrica600370.02029307  Road Map    
Bouvet Island    Antarctica49.0[?]  Road Map    
Brazil   BrasíliaSouth America8511965.0201103330  Road Map    
British Indian Ocean Territory    Asia60.04000  Road Map    
British Virgin Islands   Road TownNorth America153.021730  Road Map    
Brunei   Bandar Seri BegawanAsia5770.0395027  Road Map    
Bulgaria   SofiaEurope110910.07148785  Road Map    
Burkina Faso   OuagadougouAfrica274200.016241811  Road Map    
Burundi   BujumburaAfrica27830.09863117  Road Map    
Cambodia   Phnom PenhAsia181040.014453680  Road Map    
Cameroon   YaoundéAfrica475440.019294149  Road Map    
Canada   OttawaNorth America9984670.033679000  Road Map    
Cape Verde   PraiaAfrica4033.0508659  Road Map    
Cayman Islands   George TownNorth America262.044270  Road Map    
Central African Republic   BanguiAfrica622984.04844927  Road Map    
Chad   N'DjamenaAfrica1284000.010543464  Road Map    
Chile   SantiagoSouth America756950.016746491  Road Map    
China   BeijingAsia9596960.01330044000  Road Map    
Christmas Island   Flying Fish CoveAsia135.01500  Road Map    
Cocos [Keeling] Islands   West IslandAsia14.0628  Road Map    
Colombia   BogotáSouth America1138910.047790000  Road Map    
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