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I will be making maps (basic, road and outline maps) of all the countries listed below. Please note the population statisics provided here may be dated and should be taken as a guide only.

Country NameFlagCapitalContinentArea Size(km)PopulationMaps
Hungary   BudapestEurope93030.09982000  Road Map    
Iceland   ReykjavikEurope103000.0308910  Road Map    
India   New DelhiAsia3287590.01173108018  Road Map    
Indonesia   JakartaAsia1919440.0242968342  Road Map    
Iran   TehranAsia1648000.076923300  Road Map    
Iraq   BaghdadAsia437072.029671605  Road Map    
Ireland   DublinEurope70280.04622917  Road Map    
Isle of Man   DouglasEurope572.075049  Road Map    
Israel   JerusalemAsia20770.07353985  Road Map    
Italy   RomeEurope301230.060340328  Road Map    
Ivory Coast   YamoussoukroAfrica322460.021058798  Road Map    
Jamaica   KingstonNorth America10991.02847232  Road Map    
Japan   TokyoAsia377835.0127288000  Road Map    
Jersey   Saint HelierEurope116.090812  Road Map    
Jordan   AmmanAsia92300.06407085  Road Map    
Kazakhstan   AstanaAsia2717300.015340000  Road Map    
Kenya   NairobiAfrica582650.040046566  Road Map    
Kiribati   TarawaOceania811.092533  Road Map    
Kosovo   PristinaEurope10908.01800000  Road Map    
Kuwait   Kuwait CityAsia17820.02789132  Road Map    
Kyrgyzstan   BishkekAsia198500.05508626  Road Map    
Laos   VientianeAsia236800.06368162  Road Map    
Latvia   RigaEurope64589.02217969  Road Map    
Lebanon   BeirutAsia10400.04125247  Road Map    
Lesotho   MaseruAfrica30355.01919552  Road Map    
Liberia   MonroviaAfrica111370.03685076  Road Map    
Libya   TripoliAfrica1759540.06461454  Road Map    
Liechtenstein   VaduzEurope160.035000  Road Map    
Lithuania   VilniusEurope65200.02944459  Road Map    
Luxembourg   LuxembourgEurope2586.0497538  Road Map    
Macao   MacaoAsia254.0449198  Road Map    
Macedonia   SkopjeEurope25333.02062294  Road Map    
Madagascar   AntananarivoAfrica587040.021281844  Road Map    
Malawi   LilongweAfrica118480.015447500  Road Map    
Malaysia   Kuala LumpurAsia329750.028274729  Road Map    
Maldives   MaléAsia300.0395650  Road Map    
Mali   BamakoAfrica1240000.013796354  Road Map    
Malta   VallettaEurope316.0403000  Road Map    
Marshall Islands   MajuroOceania181.365859  Road Map    
Martinique   Fort-de-FranceNorth America1100.0432900  Road Map    
Mauritania   NouakchottAfrica1030700.03205060  Road Map    
Mauritius   Port LouisAfrica2040.01294104  Road Map    
Mayotte   MamoutzouAfrica374.0159042  Road Map    
Mexico   Mexico CityNorth America1972550.0112468855  Road Map    Town Maps  
Micronesia   PalikirOceania702.0107708  Road Map    
Moldova   ChişinăuEurope33843.04324000  Road Map    
Monaco   MonacoEurope1.9532965  Road Map    
Mongolia   Ulan BatorAsia1565000.03086918  Road Map    
Montenegro   PodgoricaEurope14026.0666730  Road Map    
Montserrat   PlymouthNorth America102.09341  Road Map    
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