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Towns in Spain

Table of towns in Spain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
A Baiuca town1125243.303291-8.508693 Map 
A Cañiza town190742.213654-8.274041 Map 
A Caridá town140743.551067-6.828681 Map 
A Coruña city24605643.365139-8.412410 Map 
A Estrada town847942.688011-8.490714 Map 
A Fonsagrada town122943.124832-7.067660 Map 
A Guarda town1048441.901245-8.874217 Map 
A Laracha village266243.248409-8.581598 Map 
A Pobra de Trives town148842.339893-7.254243 Map 
A Pobra do Caramiñal town446842.604626-8.940205 Map 
A Rúa de Valdeorras village466442.395107-7.114165 Map 
A Veiga/Vegadeo town282843.464329-7.050687 Map 
Abadiño village720243.152481-2.608155 Map 
Abanilla village336038.207409-1.041621 Map 
Abarán village1017838.205574-1.396784 Map 
Abenójar village144938.879494-4.355702 Map 
Abla village136037.144039-2.775960 Map 
Ablitas village262941.973267-1.639597 Map 
Abrera village914641.5204471.902413 Map 
Abrucena village121137.133209-2.797482 Map 
Aceuchal villageExtremaduraBadajoz572338.647984-6.486997 Map 
Adamuz village378338.027508-4.524944 Map 
Ademuz village123240.063267-1.286230 Map 
Adra town1961936.748833-3.020362 Map 
Agoitz village254442.786278-1.369476 Map