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I will be making maps (basic, road and outline maps) of all the countries listed below. Please note the population statisics provided here may be dated and should be taken as a guide only.

Country NameFlagCapitalContinentArea Size(km)PopulationMaps
Morocco   RabatAfrica446550.031627428  Road Map    
Mozambique   MaputoAfrica801590.022061451  Road Map    
Myanmar [Burma]   Nay Pyi TawAsia678500.053414374  Road Map    
Namibia   WindhoekAfrica825418.02128471  Road Map    
Nauru   YarenOceania21.010065  Road Map    
Nepal   KathmanduAsia140800.028951852  Road Map    
Netherlands   AmsterdamEurope41526.016645000  Road Map    
New Caledonia   NoumeaOceania19060.0216494  Road Map    
New Zealand   WellingtonOceania268680.04252277  Road Map    
Nicaragua   ManaguaNorth America129494.05995928  Road Map    
Niger   NiameyAfrica1267000.015878271  Road Map    
Nigeria   AbujaAfrica923768.0154000000  Road Map    
Niue   AlofiOceania260.02166  Road Map    
Norfolk Island   KingstonOceania34.61828  Road Map    
North Korea   PyongyangAsia120540.022912177  Road Map    
Northern Mariana Islands   SaipanOceania477.053883  Road Map    
Norway   OsloEurope324220.05009150  Road Map    Town Maps  
Oman   MuscatAsia212460.02967717  Road Map    
Pakistan   IslamabadAsia803940.0184404791  Road Map    
Palau   Melekeok - Palau State CapitalOceania458.019907  Road Map    
Palestine    Asia5970.03800000  Road Map    
Panama   Panama CityNorth America78200.03410676  Road Map    
Papua New Guinea   Port MoresbyOceania462840.06064515  Road Map    
Paraguay   AsunciónSouth America406750.06375830  Road Map    
Peru   LimaSouth America1285220.029907003  Road Map    
Philippines   ManilaAsia300000.099900177  Road Map    
Pitcairn Islands   AdamstownOceania47.046  Road Map    
Poland   WarsawEurope312685.038500000  Road Map    
Portugal   LisbonEurope92391.010676000  Road Map    Town Maps  
Puerto Rico   San JuanNorth America9104.03916632  Road Map    
Qatar   DohaAsia11437.0840926  Road Map    
Republic of the Congo   BrazzavilleAfrica342000.03039126  Road Map    
Réunion   Saint-DenisAfrica2517.0776948  Road Map    
Romania   BucharestEurope237500.021959278  Road Map    
Russia   MoscowEurope17098242140702000  Road Map    
Rwanda   KigaliAfrica26338.011055976  Road Map    
Saint Barthélemy   GustaviaNorth America21.08450  Road Map    
Saint Helena   JamestownAfrica410.07460  Road Map    
Saint Kitts and Nevis   BasseterreNorth America261.051134  Road Map    
Saint Lucia   CastriesNorth America616.0160922  Road Map    
Saint Martin   MarigotNorth America53.035925  Road Map    
Saint Pierre and Miquelon   Saint-PierreNorth America242.07012  Road Map    
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines   KingstownNorth America389.0104217  Road Map    
Samoa   ApiaOceania2944.0192001  Road Map    
San Marino   San MarinoEurope61.231477  Road Map    
São Tomé and Príncipe   São ToméAfrica1001.0175808  Road Map    
Saudi Arabia   RiyadhAsia1960582.025731776  Road Map    
Senegal   DakarAfrica196190.012323252  Road Map    
Serbia   BelgradeEurope88361.07344847  Road Map    
Seychelles   VictoriaAfrica455.088340  Road Map    
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