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I will be making maps (basic, road and outline maps) of all the countries listed below. Please note the population statisics provided here may be dated and should be taken as a guide only.

Country NameFlagCapitalContinentArea Size(km)PopulationMaps
Sierra Leone   FreetownAfrica71740.05245695  Road Map    
Singapore   SingaporeAsia692.74701069  Road Map    
Sint Maarten   PhilipsburgNorth America21.037429  Road Map    
Slovakia   BratislavaEurope48845.05455000  Road Map    
Slovenia   LjubljanaEurope20273.02007000  Road Map    
Solomon Islands   HoniaraOceania28450.0559198  Road Map    
Somalia   MogadishuAfrica637657.010112453  Road Map    
South Africa   PretoriaAfrica1219912.049000000  Road Map    
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands   GrytvikenAntarctica3903.030  Road Map    
South Korea   SeoulAsia98480.048422644  Road Map    
South Sudan   JubaAfrica644329.08260490  Road Map    
Spain   MadridEurope504782.046505963  Road Map    Town Maps  
Sri Lanka   ColomboAsia65610.021513990  Road Map    
Sudan   KhartoumAfrica1861484.035000000  Road Map    
Suriname   ParamariboSouth America163270.0492829  Road Map    
Svalbard and Jan Mayen   LongyearbyenEurope62049.02550  Road Map    
Swaziland   MbabaneAfrica17363.01354051  Road Map    
Sweden   StockholmEurope449964.09555893  Road Map    
Switzerland   BerneEurope41290.07581000  Road Map    
Syria   DamascusAsia185180.022198110  Road Map    
Taiwan   TaipeiAsia35980.022894384  Road Map    
Tajikistan   DushanbeAsia143100.07487489  Road Map    
Tanzania   DodomaAfrica945087.041892895  Road Map    
Thailand   BangkokAsia514000.067089500  Road Map    
Togo   LoméAfrica56785.06587239  Road Map    
Tokelau    Oceania10.01466  Road Map    
Tonga   Nuku'alofaOceania748.0122580  Road Map    
Trinidad and Tobago   Port of SpainNorth America5128.01228691  Road Map    
Tunisia   TunisAfrica163610.010589025  Road Map    
Turkey   AnkaraAsia780580.077804122  Road Map    
Turkmenistan   AshgabatAsia488100.04940916  Road Map    
Turks and Caicos Islands   Cockburn TownNorth America430.020556  Road Map    
Tuvalu   FunafutiOceania26.010472  Road Map    
U.S. Minor Outlying Islands    Oceania0.0[?]  Road Map    
U.S. Virgin Islands   Charlotte AmalieNorth America352.0108708  Road Map    
Uganda   KampalaAfrica236040.033398682  Road Map    
Ukraine   KyivEurope603700.045415596  Road Map    
United Arab Emirates   Abu DhabiAsia82880.04975593  Road Map    
United States   WashingtonNorth America9629091.0310232863  Road Map    Town Maps  
Uruguay   MontevideoSouth America176220.03477000  Road Map    
Uzbekistan   TashkentAsia447400.027865738  Road Map    
Vanuatu   Port VilaOceania12200.0221552  Road Map    
Vatican City   VaticanEurope0.44921  Road Map    
Venezuela   CaracasSouth America912050.027223228  Road Map    
Vietnam   HanoiAsia329560.089571130  Road Map    
Wallis and Futuna   Mata-UtuOceania274.016025  Road Map    
Western Sahara   El AaiúnAfrica266000.0273008  Road Map    
Yemen   SanaaAsia527970.023495361  Road Map    
Zambia   LusakaAfrica752614.013460305  Road Map    
Zimbabwe   HarareAfrica390580.011651858  Road Map    
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