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Towns in Portugal

Table of towns in Portugal

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Aboadela village78341.277435-7.987670 Map 
Albergaria-a-Velha town2500040.690922-8.479776 Map 
Alcáçovas village214638.394100-8.153331 Map 
Algodres village34940.645660-7.516720 Map 
Almada town9000038.680386-9.155956 Map 
Alvor village615437.129059-8.593248 Map 
Amiais de Baixo village185139.443310-8.731722 Map 
Anais village117641.698612-8.523743 Map 
Arco da Calheta village324132.714401-17.146534 Map 
Arco de São Jorge village41632.824203-16.947884 Map 
Aveiro city7845040.640495-8.653784 Map 
Avidagos village24541.400402-7.306325 Map 
Barcelos town12039141.532475-8.618255 Map 
Beja city3585438.015602-7.865254 Map 
Benquerenças village72039.791859-7.583341 Map 
Braga city18149441.551060-8.428005 Map 
Bragança city3534141.807117-6.758984 Map 
Brito village493941.454754-8.365525 Map 
Caldelas village572341.486847-8.343784 Map 
Calheta town170032.721943-17.178259 Map 
Camacha village434833.086697-16.343674 Map 
Camacha village800032.679440-16.844868 Map 
Câmara de Lobos town356632.648331-16.976311 Map 
Campanário village458232.668472-17.032530 Map 
Canhas village376932.697727-17.117439 Map 

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