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Towns in Norway

Table of towns in Norway

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Abelvær village[?]64.73177311.183786 Map 
Aga village[?]60.3000146.603732 Map 
Akland village[?]58.7293139.041468 Map 
Aksdal village[?]59.4203225.447723 Map 
Akset village[?]63.5036208.973119 Map 
Alnes village[?]62.4859775.973434 Map 
Alsvåg village[?]68.90179415.278219 Map 
Alta town1334469.96688823.272589 Map 
Alvdal village[?]62.10994010.630007 Map 
Amdam village[?]62.4636886.835443 Map 
Andenes village263669.32212816.122234 Map 
Andersdalen village[?]69.51318419.005623 Map 
Andslimoen village[?]69.09262118.582033 Map 
Angeltveit village[?]60.4112854.982984 Map 
Angvik village[?]62.8916248.081098 Map 
Arabygdi village[?]59.7756397.724542 Map 
Arendal town3982658.4596418.766602 Map 
Asak village[?]59.99422511.108590 Map 
Ask village[?]60.07165511.035132 Map 
Ask village[?]60.13732110.168658 Map 
Askeland village[?]59.3060805.551876 Map 
Asker town5407959.83523610.432976 Map 
Askim town1447259.58333211.166667 Map 
Askvoll village[?]61.3483435.061215 Map 
Asp village[?]64.06552111.509599 Map 

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