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Towns in Great Britain

Table of towns in Great Britain

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Aberaeron town142252.243176-4.260015 Map 
Aberdeen city22042057.148243-2.092810 Map 
Aberdour village163356.053741-3.298786 Map 
Abergele town920853.284069-3.581065 Map 
Aberlady village114056.009563-2.858483 Map 
Abernethy village135056.333275-3.311414 Map 
Aberporth village237452.134171-4.546221 Map 
Aberteifi town418452.083996-4.660422 Map 
Abertillery town1094651.729946-3.135987 Map 
Aberystwyth town1304052.414310-4.081685 Map 
Aboyne village218057.076584-2.779152 Map 
Acaster Malbis village57853.899937-1.105218 Map 
Airdrie town3685355.869740-3.966421 Map 
Airth village194056.068462-3.769261 Map 
Aldridge town2698852.604023-1.917217 Map 
Aldwick village1128250.781521-0.706512 Map 
Alexandria town675055.987320-4.581516 Map 
Alford town205057.231617-2.699403 Map 
Alkham village73051.1357381.223693 Map 
Allerton Bywater village471753.743164-1.365315 Map 
Alloa town1898956.115616-3.792242 Map 
Alsager town1177553.096062-2.304631 Map 
Althorne village110451.6569290.762905 Map 
Alva town496056.153027-3.801122 Map 
Alyth town319356.622456-3.228814 Map 

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