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Towns in Portugal Beginning with C

Table of towns in Portugal

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Caldelas village572341.486847-8.343784 Map 
Calheta town170032.721943-17.178259 Map 
Camacha village800032.679440-16.844868 Map 
Camacha village434833.086697-16.343674 Map 
Câmara de Lobos town356632.648331-16.976311 Map 
Campanário village458232.668472-17.032530 Map 
Canhas village376932.697727-17.117439 Map 
Caniçal village392432.739105-16.739309 Map 
Caniço town1160032.652382-16.840969 Map 
Cartaxo town1137039.161919-8.786244 Map 
Carvoeiro town272537.097656-8.470335 Map 
Casal Vasco village22740.648994-7.547529 Map 
Castelãos village40941.519077-6.935417 Map 
Castelo Branco city5610939.820419-7.499206 Map 
Coimbra city14339640.210979-8.429206 Map 
Condeixa-a-Nova village513640.112747-8.498182 Map 
Cuba village599638.165211-7.892530 Map 
Curral das Freiras village167332.720837-16.965714 Map