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Towns in France Beginning with A

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Abbeville town2415550.1060831.833703 Map 
Ablis village328748.5171551.836876 Map 
Ablon-sur-Seine village517148.7247582.421509 Map 
Abrest village273246.0980153.445043 Map 
Abscon village422850.3297003.297530 Map 
Achenheim village218348.5778627.624966 Map 
Achères town1962648.9602662.070165 Map 
Achicourt village770550.2731402.757884 Map 
Acigné village616648.133408-1.533847 Map 
Agde town2456743.3126643.471838 Map 
Agen town3398144.2015610.617632 Map 
Agnetz village296049.3829572.384566 Map 
Agon-Coutainville village283449.041302-1.581780 Map 
Aiffres village522946.291183-0.417214 Map 
Aigrefeuille-d'Aunis village370746.116394-0.934287 Map 
Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine village332047.076443-1.399587 Map 
Aigueblanche village311745.5016906.508379 Map 
Aiguefonde village273143.4937742.316835 Map 
Aigueperse village256146.0212823.203531 Map 
Aigues-Mortes village834143.5658234.191284 Map 
Aigues-Vives village299043.7399794.179373 Map 
Aiguillon village432044.3002780.341667 Map 
Ailly-sur-Noye village280549.7580992.364567 Map 
Ailly-sur-Somme village315749.9280852.198100 Map 
Aimargues village431343.6839564.209520 Map 

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