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Towns in France Beginning with H

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Habsheim village486547.7302137.419710 Map 
Hadol village228148.0914616.478291 Map 
Hagetmau village453543.655060-0.593930 Map 
Hagondange town941449.2540326.167821 Map 
Haguenau town3428048.8172237.788598 Map 
Haillicourt village491950.4751012.577930 Map 
Haisnes village450050.5081792.800938 Map 
Halanzy village240049.5598835.743404 Map 
Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin village399750.6124992.952660 Map 
Halluin town2019950.7747043.124898 Map 
Ham village499149.7463233.073303 Map 
Ham-sous-Varsberg village277849.1792376.646748 Map 
Hambach village274449.0613597.037231 Map 
Hanches village210048.6005901.642621 Map 
Hardricourt village208349.0083691.895177 Map 
Harfleur village815849.5075150.200141 Map 
Harnes town1237350.4474112.906825 Map 
Hasnon village372150.4164893.386677 Map 
Hasparren village614043.383881-1.304954 Map 
Haspres village280050.2601283.415738 Map 
Haubourdin town1445550.6093562.986442 Map 
Haucourt-Moulaine village310049.4887165.805849 Map 
Haulchin village237150.3171123.432998 Map 
Haute-Goulaine village553047.199024-1.429798 Map 
Hauteville-Lompnes village404445.9769255.600403 Map 

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