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Towns in France Beginning with J

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Jacob-Bellecombette village396845.5517045.916979 Map 
Jacou village490243.6611523.910768 Map 
Jallais village320047.195492-0.867492 Map 
Janzé village814247.955692-1.495366 Map 
Jard-sur-Mer village254346.417301-1.575854 Map 
Jardin village224145.4963994.907812 Map 
Jargeau village448847.8649442.124280 Map 
Jarnac village443445.679119-0.174090 Map 
Jarny town851949.1572725.882476 Map 
Jarrie village385345.1053965.748590 Map 
Jarville-la-Malgrange town938548.6680076.205774 Map 
Jaunay-Clan village581146.6844020.371620 Map 
Jaux village228149.3944892.778054 Map 
Jeumont town977250.2981384.099061 Map 
Joigny town1024947.9825103.399136 Map 
Joinville village363548.4426275.141254 Map 
Joinville-le-Pont town1780248.8183712.466808 Map 
Jonage village576845.7965165.047562 Map 
Jonquières village457644.1149444.900466 Map 
Jonquières-Saint-Vincent village312043.8304024.555955 Map 
Jonzac village348045.445446-0.432098 Map 
Josselin village250147.954002-2.547254 Map 
Jouarre village418848.9047013.115800 Map 
Jouars-Pontchartrain village522948.8032681.900021 Map 
Joué-lès-Tours town3597647.3510890.662252 Map 

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