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Towns in France Beginning with F

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Fabrègues village623643.5506783.777628 Map 
Faches-Thumesnil town1740750.5936013.071330 Map 
Fagnières village442048.9644624.316950 Map 
Fains-Véel village225548.7913445.124011 Map 
Falaise town827948.896473-0.199913 Map 
Falck village255949.2225496.639811 Map 
Famars village251950.3152243.517047 Map 
Fameck town1263749.3043526.104135 Map 
Farébersviller village574149.1158756.864769 Map 
Fareins village213746.0149004.756920 Map 
Faremoutiers village245148.8004302.998264 Map 
Fargues-Saint-Hilaire village271144.823025-0.444028 Map 
Faulquemont village549749.0441556.599490 Map 
Faumont village209650.4532203.137433 Map 
Fauville-en-Caux village215949.6528050.591524 Map 
Faverges village683345.7491386.293617 Map 
Fay-aux-Loges village334947.9272272.138695 Map 
Fay-de-Bretagne village323047.414097-1.789825 Map 
Fayence village510943.6238676.694907 Map 
Fécamp town1920749.7577740.374891 Map 
Fegersheim village536748.4913297.681176 Map 
Fégréac village227847.584827-2.044437 Map 
Feignies village722250.2920003.908830 Map 
Feillens village311546.3376014.883790 Map 
Fenain village535550.3670013.299150 Map 

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