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Towns in France Beginning with T

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Tain-l'Hermitage village588345.0712854.837073 Map 
Taissy village231749.2140204.093598 Map 
Talange town751549.2368976.173694 Map 
Talant town1147547.3359605.004764 Map 
Talence town4060044.808846-0.587963 Map 
Talensac village235348.109280-1.926906 Map 
Talmont-Saint-Hilaire village699146.466686-1.618977 Map 
Taluyers village200645.6406564.719174 Map 
Taninges village339846.1075136.591380 Map 
Tarare town1033345.8942574.437137 Map 
Tarascon town1329743.8053674.658512 Map 
Tarascon-sur-Ariège village350042.8458021.606759 Map 
Tarbes town4303443.2328570.078102 Map 
Tarnos town1190643.540562-1.461192 Map 
Tartas village308843.832314-0.809593 Map 
Tassin-la-Demi-Lune town1951145.7635694.781579 Map 
Taulé village292948.604546-3.899878 Map 
Taupont village216247.958374-2.438440 Map 
Tavaux village412347.0371025.403380 Map 
Taverny town2614449.0265882.223497 Map 
Telgruc-sur-Mer village209248.231537-4.357030 Map 
Teloché village301647.8876800.269882 Map 
Templemars village315850.5744863.056671 Map 
Templeuve village578650.5327803.174116 Map 
Tende village210044.0869837.594335 Map 

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