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Sorry I had to remove some of the Norway fields as websites scrappers are harvesting my site, lazy people that would rather leech off others hard work.

Town NameTypeMunicipalityProvincePopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Haukås villageremovedremoved5.417437 Map 
Haus villageremovedremoved5.496994 Map 
Havnås villageremovedremoved11.407510 Map 
Havøysund villageremovedremoved24.660685 Map 
Heggedal villageremovedremoved10.438254 Map 
Heggelia villageremovedremoved18.509115 Map 
Hegra villageremovedremoved11.113988 Map 
Heidal villageremovedremoved9.327183 Map 
Heldalsmo villageremovedremoved8.523613 Map 
Helgeroa villageremovedremoved9.863583 Map 
Hell villageremovedremoved10.903287 Map 
Helle villageremovedremoved9.373460 Map 
Hellesylt villageremovedremoved6.866880 Map 
Hellvik villageremovedremoved5.880526 Map 
Hemnesberget villageremovedremoved13.611739 Map 
Hemsedal villageremovedremoved8.554379 Map 
Henningsvær villageremovedremoved14.206378 Map 
Herand villageremovedremoved6.376605 Map 
Herefoss villageremovedremoved8.351430 Map 
Hermansverk villageremovedremoved6.851965 Map 
Hersdal villageremovedremoved5.567455 Map 
Hervik villageremovedremoved5.594423 Map 
Herøysundet villageremovedremoved5.798841 Map 
Hessdalen villageremovedremoved11.182146 Map 
Hestenesøyra villageremovedremoved6.005053 Map 

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