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Towns in France

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Langlade village208343.8042984.250622 Map 
Langogne village301444.7266733.854945 Map 
Langoiran village223044.707451-0.400762 Map 
Langon town739144.552841-0.245652 Map 
Langres town808247.8655625.331416 Map 
Langueux village717848.499100-2.709590 Map 
Languidic village731847.833984-3.154816 Map 
Lanmeur village217148.644283-3.719061 Map 
Lannemezan town581743.1252290.384241 Map 
Lannilis village529348.569633-4.521547 Map 
Lannion town2007948.732281-3.458909 Map 
Lans-en-Vercors village255745.1277775.589139 Map 
Lansargues village274443.6508834.072727 Map 
Lanton villageAquitaine619644.712078-1.031892 Map 
Lanvallay village373548.455509-2.026815 Map 
Lanvéoc village222948.286671-4.461517 Map 
Laon town2574549.5638923.624760 Map 
Lapalisse village315046.2488633.632401 Map 
Lapalud village383244.3061604.686591 Map 
Lapeyrouse-Fossat village268643.6927071.517090 Map 
Lapugnoy village328850.5204012.534200 Map 
Laragne-Montéglin village375644.3148925.823018 Map 
Larçay village239147.3683470.778101 Map 
Lardy village552848.5279012.271890 Map 
Larmor-Plage village833447.714756-3.376302 Map 

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