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Towns in Germany

Table of towns in Germany

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Igensdorf village475149.62327611.233213 Map 
Igersheim town572149.4935159.817585 Map 
Iggensbach village204348.73093413.141065 Map 
Iggingen village256748.8327379.877207 Map 
Igling village240748.07405510.813456 Map 
Ihlow town1246553.4055257.435791 Map 
Ihringen village591348.0438887.647982 Map 
Ihrlerstein village433648.93829311.863653 Map 
Ilfeld village314751.57630910.787824 Map 
Illerkirchberg village472748.32594310.011983 Map 
Illerrieden village332248.27116010.053196 Map 
Illertissen town1642548.22176410.105897 Map 
Illingen village725348.9557348.920005 Map 
Illingen, Saar village1868249.3777247.052515 Map 
Illmensee village200247.8644759.376793 Map 
Illschwang village204249.44927211.685601 Map 
Ilmenau town2683350.68676810.914238 Map 
Ilmmünster village216048.48685511.504128 Map 
Ilmtal village425450.73329911.083300 Map 
Ilsede village1231252.26527410.212200 Map 
Ilsenburg (Harz) town633451.86669910.683300 Map 
Ilsfeld village858949.0554019.245833 Map 
Ilshofen town612049.1699989.918890 Map 
Ilvesheim village766449.4735918.567300 Map 
Immendingen village589147.9391598.734422 Map 

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