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Towns in Germany

Table of towns in Germany

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Kelsterbach town1465650.0651518.529663 Map 
Keltern town912248.9000058.583328 Map 
Kemberg town1100051.77360212.635892 Map 
Kemmern village257749.95340010.873650 Map 
Kemnath town528849.87093711.889365 Map 
Kempten (Allgäu) town6224047.72670710.316883 Map 
Kendenich village300750.8633736.885254 Map 
Kenn village249449.8015446.720943 Map 
Kenzingen town909848.1918267.768937 Map 
Kerken village1264151.4534006.390871 Map 
Kernen im Remstal town1508248.7965359.328649 Map 
Kerpen town6367050.8696336.694734 Map 
Kervenheim village210051.6328936.277778 Map 
Kerzenheim village227349.5764018.059720 Map 
Ketsch (Rhein) village1291949.3678028.531110 Map 
Kettig village331450.3973017.462246 Map 
Ketzerbachtal village298551.11298413.308536 Map 
Ketzin town394252.47692512.844397 Map 
Kevelaer town2792851.5802996.245627 Map 
Kiebitzreihe village227953.7832419.616902 Map 
Kiefersfelden village694147.61469312.189844 Map 
Kiel city23986654.32167410.137186 Map 
Kierspe town1827751.1365557.587174 Map 
Kieselbronn village290548.9339458.747963 Map 
Kindelbrück town206951.26188311.088236 Map 

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