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Towns in France Beginning with M

Table of towns in France

Town NameTypeRegionProvince / StateCountyMunicipalityPopulationLatitudeLongitude 
Merdrignac village291848.190006-2.414692 Map 
Méreau village239647.1787992.051300 Map 
Méréville village322148.3175092.080190 Map 
Méricourt town1195650.4000022.868950 Map 
Mériel village441749.0790562.204804 Map 
Mérignac town6614244.842236-0.646960 Map 
Mérignies village248550.5065733.121599 Map 
Merlevenez village305847.735992-3.235134 Map 
Merlimont village308950.4530981.613340 Map 
Mers-les-Bains village296050.0654831.386809 Map 
Mertzwiller village350748.8636137.680529 Map 
Méru town1326949.2362752.134398 Map 
Merville village900050.6449012.638310 Map 
Merville village478343.7211761.298044 Map 
Merville-Franceville-Plage village210949.281853-0.200693 Map 
Méry-sur-Oise village926049.0634572.183632 Map 
Mésanger village439447.431599-1.226450 Map 
Meschers-sur-Gironde village281445.558105-0.953854 Map 
Meslay-du-Maine village274947.950020-0.553792 Map 
Messac village277847.824959-1.805467 Map 
Messery village210346.3512806.292390 Map 
Messimy village332145.6985024.674180 Map 
Méteren village214650.7449952.691689 Map 
Mettray village210447.4525110.649592 Map 
Metz city12073849.1196986.176355 Map 

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